Research Together

Break down research silos, go further together

An IDC study found data and research professionals waste more than 20% of their time or 10 hours per week on repeat research.

Everyone contributes

You and your team capture Insights from anywhere, in your workflow, using Avrio’s browser extension. Snap screens, snip feedback, take notes: one destination, and the ability to display research in context everywhere.

Shared Opportunities

Avrio makes the research process transparent: everyone stays aligned by connecting the dots together. An Opportunity in Avrio brings people together on your journey, like strategising towards your OKRs.

Standardize processes

Keep your classification system organized and create Insight, Opportunity, and Action templates to ensure digestible research that scales.

“Avrio has helped us plan better by allowing everyone to contribute insights that that move the needle on our OKRs.”
Constantinos Yenis
Head of Operations, Holded

Promote Insights

Doing the research is only half the battle. Make sure it gets used.

Ever had your hard work go unnoticed at the bottom of a spreadsheet or slide deck? Avrio gives you the tools to get those insights seen.

Embed where you work

Embed Insights you create across the tools you work to provide context and create ‘aha’ moments for all your stakeholders.

Share in context

Pin insights to specific web pages for your team to discover or annotate your user journey with product updates to keep your team informed of changes.

Automatic updates

Keep your team informed with the latest research and data analysis findings with automated Insight digest emails.

“Our team’s work went from 0 to hero over night. We now distribute research better and can see who’s seen it.”
Constantinos Yenis
Head of Operations, Holded

Retain Knowledge

Find answers. Even ones you didn’t know you needed.

Wikis, updates, messages, locked away in people’s heads— your team’s knowledge is scattered. You don’t know what you don’t know, and the old way guarantees wasted hours repeating research, or finding no answers at all. Cut to the chase.

Save time

Searching in Avrio learns from your past behaviour, what you’re working on, your team, and more, to give you the most relevant research.

Keep research fresh

Rest assured that your whole team is up to speed with the latest findings that find them wherever they’re pinned online with Insight validation and auto-expiration.

Never lose the thread

Leave no valuable insight behind. With our Slack integration, your threads on Avrio insights automatically get baked into your research.

“Avrio has saved our team a ton of time by making all our research easily accesible and reducing repeat research.”
Constantinos Yenis
Head of Operations, Holded

Document Actions

Discover what drives change for your business

Document, access, and share product updates, marketing campaigns, and process improvements internally with your team so you can better understand how your company grows and how your work contributes to it.

Annotate any graph

Events added to Avrio Timeline are automatically available in the Extension and accessible anywhere. Annotate any graph with key actions your company takes and never ask what happened here again.

A company-wide changelog

Build a system of record for actions taken in your company and give your team a single source to refer to to understand what changes are driving change.

Automatically Save Actions

Using our Zapier Integration you can automatically create new events when a feature is released, ad campaign starts, experiment ends, and more.

“Avrio makes it easy to share insights with my team and answer the ‘What happened there’ questions that pop up.”
Constantinos Yenis
Head of Operations, Holded


Seamlessly built into your workflow

Our Browser Extension automatically extends the functionality of the apps you use by annotating graphs, linking Insights to tasks, and providing quick access to capture and save Insights.

You can auto-generate Insights and Events using our Zapier integration too.

Google Analytics
Google Sheets
Google Drive

Built for insight-driven teams

If you do research, you’ll get more from it with Avrio.

Smart research starts and keeps on going with Avrio

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